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Nanjing Meixuan optoelectronic material Co., LTD., located in Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, produces and sells vacuum coating materials, coating machine parts. Products include zirconium dioxide, silica, silicon oxide, magnesium, chromium, nickel, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium fluoride, titanium dioxide, indium tin oxide TO, waterproof membrane, super hardened waterproof, tungsten boat, molybdenum boat, grain tungsten wire, electron gun, ion gun wire, steel wire, crystals, probe electron gun accessories, ion gun ceramics, ion shunt, heating tubes, silicon vacuum grease, etc. At present, it mainly serves optics, optical communication, glasses, lighting, decoration, display panel, LED, OLED, CIGS, semiconductor, artificial crystal, ZBLAN, high power laser and other industries.

Quality - from r&d to delivery. We are famous for our excellent products, from product research and development to stable and guaranteed transportation every link is meticulous. Continuous investment in scientific research has laid a solid foundation for our product research and development, and the ISO9001 certified operating system ensures that the quality of our products will not live up to your expectations.

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