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Nanjing Meixuan optoelectronic material Co., LTD., located in Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, produces and sells vacuum coating materials, coating machine parts. Products include zirconia, silicon dioxide, silicon monoxide, magnesium fluoride, chromium, nickel, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, indium tin oxide TO, Waterproof film, super hard waterproof, tungsten boat, molybdenum boat, tungsten wire, electron gun wire, ion gun wire, steel wire, crystal chip, Probe accessories electron gun, ion gun ceramics, ion shunt, heating lamp, silicon vacuum grease, etc. At present, the main service is optics, optical communication...

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What does an electron gun consist of and what does it do?


Whatever the type of electron gun is, they are all bounded by the cathode, the emitter of the electron, and the beam shape of the electron. 【more】


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